After having been turned down twice by the Social Security Administration on my own Ms. Tedone had me approved and even receiving benefits within 30 days!!! I may be the exception rather than the rule, but if you want someone to go to bat for you that knows the system, and then can make things happen in your favor, then I highly recommend her!!! She knows what she is doing and is very good at it!  Hey I was not a fan of any attorneys- but I needed one on my side.  Not only was she attentive & sensitive to my situation- she got the whole thing translated to clear terms so I got my benefits quickly! Again, I think she is just the BEST!!! Changed my view that some people with a "BIG BAT" use it for good!!! 

Lifer fan,
Scott S.,
Scottsdale, AZ.

I would like to let everyone know of the outstanding service, support, and care Emily Tedone of the US Disability Group provided to me. After working on my own through the process, initial denial, and denial of the first appeal of my disability benefits I was honestly wondering if all ofmy work was worth it. I contacted two other firms along with the US Disability Group and Ms Tedone was the only one who took the time to call and talk with me. She took my case and actively communicated with me on every step of the process. Her knowledge of social security disability law is top notch and when we went into my court appearance she was not only prepared but knew my case so well that she caught a mistake that the Social Security Administration had made on my file. She ensured that a medical note from one of my doctors was clear and concise in the courts eyes. Her court brief had concise notations as to what disability code I should be awarded. During the testimony of the medical expert she opened to that page and as he stated his recommendation she circled the exact same recommendation in her court brief. My entire court time was shorter than our precourt conference. Without hesitation or reservation I do and I will recommend Emily Tedone to any individual I encounter who is beginning or in the process of applying for social security disability benefits. For the rest of my life I am truly in her debt for all of her outstanding and professional help.

Thank You,

John H., Goodyear, AZ.

Please be sure to share this letter with others as a statement of immense gratitude for your time, professionalism and commitment. Your efforts and kindness throughout the 2+ year period of appealing and waiting for approval on my S.S.D. case, was beyond what I could have expected. After many tears in secret and much prayer, God has never stopped pouring His mercy and grace on my family and I during the most difficult 3 years of our life. Which is why I can not forget to always be grateful for people like you. Who are truly doing their job out of the love for helping those in much need of a professional presence, in a long and difficult process. May God's Grace continue to bless you and your business.

Isidro Morin